LED Ultra Wide Angle T8 Tubular Lamp



Product Specification

Name  Single Three way brightness
Dimension 2ft 4ft 2ft 4ft
Color Temperature 5300K 5300K/3000K 5300K 5300K/3000K
Output Lumens 1050 lm 2010 lm /1850lm 1050lm 2010lm /1850lm
Power Consumption 10W 20W 10W 20W
Weight 250g 490g 250g 490g
Brightness % 100% 100% / 60% /20%
Life 40000hrs
Part number WL-M00025L-b WL-M00026LWL-M00026L-a WL-M00025L-c WL-M00028LWL-M00028L-a

More Information

  • Multi stage cycle
  • Power saving mode
  • 3Way brightness
  • Easy switching between three different brightness levels to provide the suitable brightness of light for the environment.
  • Light can be matched freely depending on space and atmosphere.
  • Power saving eliminates unnecessary power wastage.

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