Side rotated light 7W



Product Specification

 Power consumption: 7 W

Input: 100V~240V

Dimention:  69.9(φ)*130mm(L)

Operational Temperature: -20°C ~ 40°C

Life:  40000hrs

weight : 150g

color temperature : 3000K |5000K

output lumens :490lm |560lm

CRI : >80 |  >70

part number  :  WL –M10046H

More Information

  • User friendly design
  • No fixure replacement needed.
  • Can be rotated up to the maximum 355 degrees
  • May be adjusted freely to a suitable angle.
  • Most efficient side plug in lightbulb
  • Power saving,long life lasting,simple design,smart function of lighting.
  • Replaces 60W,Estimated energy cost $7.23/per,last 22.6 years

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