LED 12W Sapphire Lightbulbs


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Product Specification

Power consumption: 12 W

Input: 100V~240V

Base: E26/E27

Life:  40000hrs

weight : 190g

color temperature : 2800K |5300K

output lumens :1200lm |1000lm

CRI : >70

part number  :  WL –M10062H

More Information

  • High brightness 1200lm performance which only requires 12W of power.88% Energy savings over incandescent bulb.
  • Otali LED bulbs are brighter than regular LED lightbulbs but also power saving and longer lasting.
  • Elongated dark scale design efficiency and rapidly conducts and diffuses heat.
  • Perfect all-around light pattern
  • 310 degree super wide angle light boost
  • Exclusive light diffusion technology deliver larger beam angle,light is softer and more even which will not irritate the eyes.
  • Awarded international invention gold medal.
  • Comfortable life starts with Otali

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