LED 12W Angle Ring Recessed lamp



Product Specification

Name LED 12W Angel Ring Recessed Lamp
Color Temperature 5300K 2800K
Output Lumens 1050 lm 900lm
Power Consumption 12W
Weight 480g
Brightness % 100%
Life 40000 hrs
Part number WL-M30005H

More Information

Aesthetic of light : Patented halo light guide design causes a perfect halo ring effects. Aesthetically appealing lighting atmosphere can be attained without interior decorating.

Lighting Advance : Improves the dimness problem of recessed lamps in the ceiling
Otali angle ring recessed lamp uses exclusive optical technology that effectively enhances indoor brightness.

Multiple applications:
Utilizes special optical mirror deign which can replace office,home,building and decorative recessed lighting.

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